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Our Awards

The Knot, Best of Weddings, 2017 + 2018
Top 10 Baltimore Wedding Photographers by Expertise 2016, 2017, 2018
Top 10 Baltimore Wedding Photographers by Top 10 Wedding Vendors 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


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Maggie Nolan

CEO, Director of Client Experience

About Maggie

Maggie was about 8 years old when she held her first 35 mm film camera. She loved taking pictures. If you don't believe it, just ask Maggie to show you the massive storage tubes of albums she has in her basement from every adventure in life. She's had a camera in her hand for every adventure. Even when one fell into the Pacific in Hawaii she found another one to keep taking pictures. 

Maggie is a Bryn Mawr graduate and attended Oral Roberts University where she pursued a degree in International Business and Spanish with a Marketing concentration. She was also a Head Dorm Chaplain 2 of her 5 years of college. She's bilingual and has a travel bug. Upon graduating, she moved home to Baltimore where she met Patrick, months later through church and friends.

She's worked in a variety of fields and industries from catering, to hospitality, to education, advertising, marketing, and in 2014 set out as an entrepreneur full-time. 

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Patrick Nolan

CFO, King of Rings + Flash

About Patrick

Patrick has been photographing since his teenage years. He is a natural and accomplished athlete. Go ahead and search "Wink Nolan" on the internet and you will find his batting average, and his stats. He should have played in the Major Leagues. 

Patrick has always been an entrepreneur and an athlete nerd. From baseball instruction, contracting, owning his own lawn service in high school, to helping others get out of debt, he has been pursuing business endeavors the majority of his life. Patrick never finished college. He got drafted to play professional baseball with a semester of school left, and never returned. She thinks he probably should have gone to college for Financial Management, instead he pursued everything from Sports Management, Architecture, Kinesiology, and Gender Physiology. To say Patrick is a "Jack of all Trades" is an understatement. You can find him on off days building furniture, playing with his son, and taking down trees. Patrick also owns a baseball instruction business currently out of Northern Virginia.


Our Travels

We have photographed in 10 US States: Colorado, California, New Jersey, New York, Hawaii,
New Hampshire, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We can't wait to see where else we will go!

Internationally, Maggie & Patrick have been to 10 nations: 
India, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Spain, El Salvador, Mexico, The Bahamas, England, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. The list continues to grow.